Welcome to Aleksey’s Market, Nashville’s home for Eastern European cuisine.

We have a wide selection of authentic imported foods from Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine! We are celebrating our ten year anniversary of our home in Nashville.

Come see our stock of deli meats and cheeses. We carry at least 20-25 different kinds of cheeses, and 60-70 varieties of meats from fresh and smoked Polish Kielbasa to Czech Salami, as well as Salo, smoked fish, sardines, and caviar. We also have everything you need to make authentic Russian meals at home: spices and condiments, kefir and sour cream, German fresh baked bread and imported beer, along with pierogi, dumplings, and buckwheat.

All day tea drinker? We have a variety of teas and snacks to go with them. Cookies, candy, wafers, vareniki, cakes, and ice cream. We also have a wide selection of cereal to choose from for a variety of breakfast options.

Our store offers more than just tasty foods and drinks. Since we are the only home to such amazing foods from specific countries, our customers have established a sense of community. We have a bulletin board for customers to post needs and offers. Also, we have books and movies available for rent in order for you to enjoy a full night of Russian entertainment.

Come by, and we will help you find what you are looking for, hope to see you soon!